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mannn I wanna check out the new Captain Marvel series

so many people talk about it and I love the art.


PLEASE REPOST!!! THIS HORRIBLE PERSON stole our 10 month old French Bulldog, Chloe, last night from my work! I let her pet Chloe and she picked her up and ran out the door into a black car with no license plates and drove away. This was very obviously a planned robbery. Luckily for us, we have surveillance cameras. If any of my followers in Vancouver know of this young woman or have seen our precious Chloe, PLEAAAASE contact either @kyleboosh or myself AND/OR the Vancouver Police Department at 604-717-3321. We are so heartbroken and just want her back home safely! THANK-YOU!!!
#bringhomechloe #vancouver #littlebabychloe

…. say yes to the dress is on netflix

and all its spin offs

good grief somebody stop me


correction The Craft will have to wait. I was sure it was on netflix but alas i was wrong.

oh well some other time! >_< blahh

of-house-baratheon replied to your post“poor steve buscemi… he’s just the weird looking guy who has all the…”
To be fair, the bad luck is jusified
this is true
although the woodchipper was an unfortunate turn of events, after the axe I suppose :P
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